Parish Council

Our Parish Council exercises shared responsibility for the pastoral life of the parish under the leadership of the pastor. In this context the purpose of the council is to prayerfully engage the people and the pastor in common reflection about the parish’s mission and the ministry, to plan, and to evaluate in light of the Gospel and church teaching. The group's primary focus areas are to: research the needs, the ideas and the hopes of our faith community; to encourage and support existing ministries; to evaluate the quality of life of the parish faith community; and to plan for the parish’s future by recommending policies, procedures, and programs that will implement its values and fulfill the Church’s mission.

Contact: Parish Council Member, Monica Herron
Parish Council Members: Michael Eardley, Tom Kelly, Hector Mendoza, Megan Stanton-Anderson
, Allen Tibshrany

Finance Council

Our Parish Finance Council assists our pastor in the administration of parish temporal matters including supporting him in his stewardship of parish resources while being accountable to the parish and the diocesan bishop. An active, well-formed Parish Finance Council is a key element for promoting the financial health of a parish, assuring accountability and assisting the pastor with his secular responsibilities.

Contact: Finance Council Chair, Linda Ruegsegger
Finance Council Members: Anthony Araneta, Tom Kelly, Brandt Kucharski, Vince Meno, Pete Mockaitis, Jane Powers

School Advisory Board

The School Advisory Board of Alphonsus Academy & Center for the Arts, our parish school, serves as a representation of current parents and community members to the Principal of the school. The board meets to discuss pertinent information happening in the school as well as plans for the future of Alphonsus Academy & Center for the Arts.

Contact: School Advisory Board President, Jennifer Fardy
School Advisory Board Members: Julie Jakubowski, Erin Kerr, Denise Mueller, Kathleen Perreault, Lisa Pilcher, Stephen Reynolds