Young Adult Ministry

The Young Adult Ministry (YAM) is one of St. Alphonsus' most active parish groups! YAM is led by a volunteer board and is guided by Pastoral Associate, Brooks Robinson. Stated simply, the ministry's mission is to help one another participate in Christ's mission, that we, as young adult Catholics, may be effective disciples, evangelists, and agents of charity in all that we do. YAM provides many social, intellectual, service, and spiritual opportunities for growth. Members range in age from 21-39 years old.

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Our YAM group is made up of 4 main pillars, Spiritual, Intellectual, Service, and Social.

Spiritual Pillar

The Spiritual Pillar aims to bring Young Adults closer to Christ by offering opportunities to encounter Him in the sacraments and deepen our personal faith lives. We offer two retreats throughout the year as well as monthly praise and worship adoration.

Intellectual Pillar

The Intellectual Pillar is focused on helping Young Adults grow deeper in their relationship with Christ and his Church by engaging the mind in healthy study and discourse.  Past groups and events include, weekly book clubs, the summer Theology on Tap speaker series, movie nights, conferences and much more.

Service Pillar

The Service Pillar is dedicated to providing opportunities for young adults to serve their communities while growing in fellowship with one another. We volunteer regularly with organizations like Big Shoulders Fund, Catholic Charities, Bernie’s Book Bank, and Friends of the Forest Preserves. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Social Pillar

The Social Pillar for YAM hosts large annual events and impromptu monthly activities to bring young Catholics together in fellowship and companionship. Every month has at least one gathering in addition to Cocktails after Mass, which is held every fourth Sunday after the 5 pm Mass. Other Social Pillar events include Trivia Night, Speed Dating, YAMping, and many more.