Stewardship of Treasure


We invite you to purposefully steward your gifts of treasure to St. Alphonsus. Do you offer the Lord the first portion of your treasure instead of what’s left over in your wallet or purse when the basket passes your way each week at Mass?

The most important opportunity to steward your gifts of treasure is to give purposefully to the weekly Offertory. We ask that every parishioner prayerfully considers the gifts that God has given them. In gratitude for such gifts, we hope you give back to God through a significant gift to St. Alphonsus Church on a regular basis. This giving back to God in support of the mission and ministry of the parish is essential to the spiritual life of you, the giver, and to the ongoing operations of the parish. 

Parishioners often wonder how much to contribute. The table below provides suggested giving amounts based on the concept of giving your first hour of salary back to God. These amounts are suggestions and are not meant to be taken as a rule.

We invite you to make your offertory gift at any amount after your prayerful consideration! 

Household Income Weekly Offertory Gift Monthly Offertory Gift Annual Offertory Gift
$30,000 $14.42 $62.49 $749.84
$50,000 $24.04 $104.17 $1,250.08
$75,000 $36.06 $156.26 $1,875.12
$100,000 $48.08 $208.34 $2,500.16
$200,000 $96.15 $416.65 $4,999.80
$500,000 $240.38 $1,041.64 $12,499.76

Giving Online

Your offertory gift is most easily accomplished through regular automatic withdrawals from your credit card or checking account through our secure online giving platform, GiveCentral. You can choose to give your annual offertory gift via recurring gifts made weekly, monthly, or annually.

To create or revise your offertory giving through GiveCentral, click here

Benefits of Online Giving

GiveCentral makes it fast, easy and convenient for our parishioners to contribute to St. Alphonsus Church. You have the flexibility of using GiveCentral on your computer, smartphone, or tablet and there is no software to install. Below are a few additional benefits of online giving: 

  • Purposeful and Consistent Giving: Create a GiveCentral account after prayerfully considering your commitment to stewarding your treasure and give consistently, even when you are not home to attend Mass

  • Payment Scheduling: Choose to make one-time or recurring donations

  • Gift Monitoring: GiveCentral sends email confirmations with each donation and you can view your gift history at any time

  • Payment Security: Store your payment information for future contributions, your full credit card number is not visible to any party after it is entered, and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption protects payment information

  • Universally Accepted: GiveCentral accepts all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover as well as electronic checking transactions

In addition to the many benefits to you, our parish benefits greatly when you make your gifts online.

Giving By Envelopes 

While online giving is preferred for the reasons listed above, you may choose to give through weekly offertory envelopes. If you are not registered for GiveCentral, our parish office will ensure you are receiving weekly offertory envelopes by mail. 


For questions about your gifts of treasure, please contact our parish advancement department at 773-348-4629 ext. 114.

Giving Your First Fruits of Time and Talent

In addition to stewarding your gifts of treasure, please click the blue buttons below to learn how you can give your first fruits of time and talent to steward the many blessings God has bestowed upon you.