Wedding Music Guidelines


Music adds dignity, reverence, and joy to your wedding liturgy. A wedding is an exchange of vows and an act of worship in which the bride, groom, family, and friends, come together to offer thanks and to ask God’s blessing. Such a moment in the life of the church has liturgical and musical requirements: sung texts must be sacred (drawn from or inspired by scripture), and instrumental music must fit the solemnity and action of the wedding liturgy.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions related to planning the music for your wedding. If you have further questions, please contact Director of Music, Brian Bloye at 773-525-0709 ext. 140.

Are musicians included in our wedding package?

Yes, an organist and cantor are already included in your wedding package fee and are sufficient for any suggested music selection. 

We would like to hire additional instruments, singers, or the St. Alphonsus Choir. How do we do that?

If you wish to include a larger instrumental ensemble or choir, there are many additional options. Please contact Director of Music, Brian Bloye for more information.

Can we have a guest soloist sing at the wedding?

Since your fee already includes a professional cantor from St. Alphonsus, we recommend that you choose one special song for your guest. Often the Ave Maria, psalm, or a communion hymn work quite well. Both you and your guest should feel confident about his or her ability to sing in front of you and your wedding guests. He or she should be familiar with the Catholic liturgy and its music. Guest singers will have an opportunity for a brief rehearsal about 45 minutes before the wedding.

How do we plan our music selections? 

Depending on your ceremony type, visit the Order of Liturgy of the Word page or the Exchange of Vows or Order of Nuptial Mass page to consider your music selections. Your wedding coordinator will meet with you approximately two months prior to your wedding to record your final music selections. 

What if we want to include music not found in the provided suggestions?

It is possible to choose music outside of our suggestions. For example, favorite church hymns or alternative instrumental selections. However, the music must always adhere to the guidelines stated above, and must also be judged practical, given musical forces and liturgical constraints. Please contact Director of Music, Brian Bloye, should you wish to choose music not suggested on the Order of Liturgy of the Word page or the Exchange of Vows or Order of Nuptial Mass page