Wedding Photography and Videography


At St. Alphonsus, as at most parishes, certain restrictions are placed on taking pictures and videotaping to maintain an atmosphere of reverence and dignity in the church. Here is what we ask of photographers and videographers who record special occasions at St. Alphonsus:

  • Refrain from taking any pictures in the raised sanctuary area. Due to the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, this is an extremely holy place for Catholics.

  • If desired, the videographer may set up one un-manned recorder on a tripod in a designated place just outside of the sanctuary, facing back towards the couple and the assembly. This must be in place 15 minutes before the ceremony and cannot be touched until the ceremony is over. The couple's wedding coordinator can show you where the camera can be set up.

  • Nothing should be placed or moved on the altar. Kneelers can be moved for post-ceremony pictures. Please put them back when finished.

  • Pre-wedding pictures should end no later than 15 minutes prior to the ceremony. This allows people to compose themselves for the important rite in which they are about to participate.

  • During the procession, photographers and videographers may move and use a flash. If you would like to take pictures from the center aisle, please stay behind the seated community.

  • We ask that you do not hold up the procession.

  • Once the bridal party is down the aisle, the photographer and videographer must go to one spot and stay there for the entire ceremony. They are restricted to whatever pictures they can get from their established positions.

  • Flash cannot be used during the ceremony. The ceremony begins after the procession is complete and ends when the couple is presented to the community. The flash and movement of photographers and videographers distract the priest and the assembly from their worship.

  • Tripods can be set up in the outside aisles and behind the first pillar.

  • After the procession is over, a tripod can be set up in the main aisle, but it must be behind the seated community.

  • Guests are asked to not take pictures during the ceremony as when those in the assembly take pictures they remove themselves from prayer.

  • Post ceremony pictures can be taken in front of the altar. We ask that you keep the pictures respectful for being in a church. The church is different from any other place, as we sense God’s presence so strongly there.